Living Fully was created by Bette Hoag in 1983 and it has been on an epic ride ever since. While raising three children, Bette felt inspired to create a company that encompassed her love of the Lord and the teachings of her Bible studies. The journey started with the Bible studies and the Catechism Cross Calendar, a daily Catholic devotional.

Now Living Fully has products like the Happy Birthday to Jesus Christmas Stockings, Candlelight Christmas Trees and a Protestant Scripture Cross Calendar. 

Thee Happy Birthday Baby Jesus Stockings – three sizes

Baby Jesus stockings are a wonderful Christmas tradition that not only reminds the whole family of the true meaning behind Christmas, but also teaches everyone, especially children, the importance of small acts of kindness and developing virtues. Baby Jesus stockings are to be filled with gifts of virtue that you or your children choose to work on throughout the year. For smaller children, let them think of other gifts to give Jesus as well – giving a homemade card or even a favorite toy are wonderful lessons in generosity.

The idea for the Happy Birthday to Jesus Stocking sprung from a wonderful family Christmas tradition. Bette and her husband, Jerry, were searching for a way to bring the spiritual meaning of Christmas to their three young children. In addition to the traditions of Santa Claus and gift giving, we also wanted them to embrace the birth of Jesus. The Hoags started hosting Christmas parties, called “Happy Birthday to Jesus” parties for the children’s friends and their families. They read the scriptural story of Jesus’ birth, had a birthday cake, and even sang happy birthday! They were a huge hit and continued for 25 years! The children wanted to give Jesus presents as well; hence, the idea of the stockings was born!

Use this stocking to give Baby Jesus a personal gift and add to your personal meaning of Christmas. Your gift to Baby Jesus will be a virtue/beatitude that you will develop throughout the year.


“Come Holy Spirit, and enlighten my mind that I might clearly know your will. Move my heart that I may amend my ways.”
Children’s version: “Come Jesus into my heart. I love you.”

Our suggestion is . . .

Pick a virtue to add to the stocking, and practice that virtue the whole year as your Christmas gift to Baby Jesus. Our grandchildren also enjoy making cards and small gifts to give Jesus as well!

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